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About Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a philosophical system first defined in the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

The strong physical practice was made famous by Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India and combines breath and movement into a continuous flow of strength and grace. 

But understand this, other systems of asana are also Ashtanga Yoga.  Yoga is a vast ocean that accepts the flow from many different rivers.


What can you expect?

You will learn a sequence of postures adapted specifically for your needs, one movement at a time in a group setting. (It's like getting a semi-private lesson within the powerful energy of a group.)

Each posture is adjusted to accommodate your strengths, weakness, stiffness, or injuries.

Over time as you develop your practice, the body and mind will become flexible and strong.

Ashtanga Yoga is exceptionally versatile. With proper guidance, in some circumstances, students will even incorporate exercises from their physiotherapists.

*Please note: Starting time is flexible. You may start your practice anytime between 6-8 AM. Jeff will be there to teach you every step of the way*


Feel free to download the Primary Series PDF above for a visual reference of some of the postures we can practice.  I can't emphasize enough, if you feel intimidated, stop, I will guide you every step of the way.  




And you become friends with a diverse group, committed to personal health and well-being.


A Sample of the Postures

Please feel free to download this free copy of the Primary Series as taught by Pattabhi Jois. Depending on your goals, we may utilize a few, or, many of these postures when building a practice that is UNIQUE to you. This is one of the benefits of the Mysore Method.

FREE Primary Series PDF

Yoga Chikitsa - Ashtanga Yoga Therapy

  • Have a visual reference to review the postures from Primary Series.
  • Intelligent application of these postures form the basis of a therapeutic practice.
  • Use this as a template for your practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher.
  • Remember all postures can be modified for practice to keep your wholesome discipline.

Feeling Anxiety & Stress?

Are you feeling pandemic burn out, anxiety and stress?


You’re not alone!  And this practice can help.


Stress can cause physical and mental harm, including headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mood, anger, and irritability, not to mention high blood pressure and symptoms of a heart attack.


You can protect yourself by learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety as they manifest in your body. 


Regular practice, implemented in the right way, can significantly decrease stress and anxiety.  


At CAYS, step by step, we can learn a practice for life, a practice specifically for you tailored to your individual needs, considering limitations and strengths, and available time.

Working with Jeff taught me how to reduce my everyday stress levels, navigate trauma, and pursue my goals with more confidence. He gave me the tools to develop a daily practice that works for me, as an individual and in the long term. Rather than preaching dogma or adherence to a strict set of rules, Jeff empowers his students to come home to themselves using the perfect combination of skill, dedication, and humour.

I have worked with Jeff for the past ten years. He has a remarkable and unique ability to create a safe space for people to grow and be the best they can be. He is a connector and a communicator. He inspires learning and makes it fun. Jeff is intuitive, compassionate and wise. He speaks from years of experience integrating Western medical training with Eastern philosophy. If you are in the midst of change, commit to a new perspective and practice and you'll find support on your journey, there is no better guide.

The Buddhist saying goes " When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Jeff is my teacher and I continue to learn from him daily. As a business owner and mother of 3, life never seems to give me enough problems. However, Jeff has shown me the key to resolving my daily stress and anxiety. I am now stronger and more confident that I can handle anything life throws my way. With a caring heart, positive attitude and steady mind, Jeff is truly one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Jeff’s ability to create beneficial and truly sustainable practices for his clients and students is a real gift. I’m a busy professional and he has shown me how to decrease and manage stress, work with my strengths and weaknesses, and cruise through some big life changes with ease. Informed by his practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation his teaching has inspired me to continue to show up every day in a new way. This program is exceptional.


Download your FREE Primary Series Reference Sheet

Yoga Chikitsa - Ashtanga Yoga Therapy

  • Visual reference guide of Primary Series.
  • The basis of a therapeutic practice.
  • Use this as a template with a qualified teacher.
  • Develop your wholesome discipline.