IN-PERSON at Passage Studios
Virtual via ZOOM



Online Mysore via ZOOM - Monday to Friday  6-8:30 AM

Monthly Virtual:
$89/ month + GST
this is for students studying online with us.  Join students from Ottawa, Victoria, Bucharest, Mexico and all over the World.  

10 Class ZOOM Drop-In:
$180/ month + GST
this is for committed drop-in students unable to attend daily;  must use all 10-classes within 1 year of the 1st class.

Private & IN-Person Training/Coaching:
Various Packages
this is available for students desiring the most focused transformative level of private teaching; contact Jeff for details

*payments made directly to Jeff



Mysore Style - Tuesday & Thursday 6-8:30 AM

$180/ [Mysore] Ashtanga 10 Pass + GST
this is the premier in-person mysore program in Calgary; valid only at passage studios. 

You will need to create a Passage Studios account
LINK to PASSAGE   [Mysore Yoga] Ashtanga 10 Class

*payments made directly to Passage Studios


Intro to Mysore Practice: Tuesdays in July, 7-8:00 PM

$57/ 4 Class Registered Series + GST
[Series] Intro to Mysore - Tuesdays; July 6, 13, 20 and 27 
this is an amazing 4 week series. learn the fundamentals of Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga and create a practice for life. 
You will need to create a Passage Studios account
LINK to PASSAGE   [Series] Intro to MYSORE

*payments made directly to Passage Studios


PLEASE NOTE: 5% GST is ADDED to all memberships.  


YOU know who you are!  You paid  your full CAYS fees, throughout the whole pandemic supporting me and keeping food on the table. 
THANK-YOU!  Your membership will always be honoured at the current rate for practice online and at Passage Studios. 

Pricing Policy


Membership Pricing Options

Yoga in a difficult Economy

We understand that sometimes people have real financial struggles, and we will not have money become an obstacle to the wonderful practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

We support a mindset of abundance and are willing to support students* on their personal financial journey, so if money is an obstacle please let us know and we will get you on the mat

* Ashtanga Yoga Canada study scholarships are available under certain circumstances.
   Contact us for more information.


Regular Practice
off the mat!

Anxious to Awesome written by Jeff Lichty

  • Learn the top 3 Yoga based practices to dissolve anxiety right now!
  • Secure your health.
    Decrease the negative impact of stress RIGHT NOW! 
  • Reclaim you focus!  Kick start your productivity today!  

Being an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, it is utmost important to have a Guru/Coach to guide the way.  Jeff is exceptional. With his extensive yoga knowledge, outstanding communication and observant skills, he manages to assist every student in his Mysore class as required individually. His patience, enthusiasm and talent inspire us to continue regardless of all the hardships.

Mr. Phillip Tam

Retired CEO

Mr. Phillip Tam

Retired CEO

Jeff’s ability to create beneficial and truly sustainable practices for his clients and students is a real gift. I’m a busy professional and he has shown me how to decrease and manage stress, work with my strengths and weaknesses, and cruise through some big life changes with ease. Informed by his practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation his teaching has inspired me to continue to show up every day in a new way. This program is exceptional.

The Buddhist saying goes " When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Jeff is my teacher and I continue to learn from him daily. As a business owner and mother of 3, life never seems to give me enough problems. However, Jeff has shown me the key to resolving my daily stress and anxiety. I am now stronger and more confident that I can handle anything life throws my way. With a caring heart, positive attitude and steady mind, Jeff is truly one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Working with Jeff taught me how to reduce my everyday stress levels, navigate trauma, and pursue my goals with more confidence. He gave me the tools to develop a daily practice that works for me, as an individual and in the long term. Rather than preaching dogma or adherence to a strict set of rules, Jeff empowers his students to come home to themselves using the perfect combination of skill, dedication, and humour.

I have worked with Jeff for the past ten years. He has a remarkable and unique ability to create a safe space for people to grow and be the best they can be. He is a connector and a communicator. He inspires learning and makes it fun. Jeff is intuitive, compassionate and wise. He speaks from years of experience integrating Western medical training with Eastern philosophy. If you are in the midst of change, commit to a new perspective and practice and you'll find support on your journey, there is no better guide.


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Anxious to Awesome written by Jeff Lichty

The top 3 Yoga Practices to decrease Anxiety right now!
Ditch anxiety and kick start your productivity today!
Protect your health now! 3 practices to manage moment to moment stress!