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I don't believe in coincidence! 

Something brought you here.

Maybe it's physical. Creaking joints, painful/stiff movement, loss of strength, weight gain, perhaps a new medical diagnosis?   

Or do you find at times you're anxious? Irritable or Discontent? 

We know stressors come at us in many forms.

Science continues to prove stress is stored in the body and mind, and chronic stress has consequences. Ignoring the problem never makes it go away; it only makes things worse and ultimately harder to solve. 

Thankfully, there are answers within the yoga and meditation practices.

You can increase your stamina. 
You can sharpen your focus.
You can have more clarity and insight. 
You can even find peace in pain.

Regardless of what brought you here, there is a way forward ...


Success doesn't happen by chance. It's practice!

The road to practice is like any road trip; we make many decisions.

Do we fly? Drive? Which map? Waze, Google, or Apple maps? Whose are with going with? In a foreign land? Do we need a guide?

... this list goes on and on.

It's the same for your journey into yoga and meditation.

It's merely a matter of applying the proper practices at the right time and in the right way, and after wading through years of foreign practices, I think some a more beneficial than others.

BUT believe me. You can learn to keep your mind steady, peaceful and at ease through the ups and downs in life. 

So If dive not further into this site, please download the FREE e-book below because if you cultivate these practices, that will help you live a life you love living.

I wish you all the best on your journey! 

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Anxious to Awesome written by Jeff Lichty

  • Learn my top 3 Yoga-based practices to ease anxiety & relax your racing mind
  • Shift your outlook & regain confidence 
  • Reclaim your focus to kick start your productivity
  • And build functional healthy habits to serve you the rest of your life! 

Working with Jeff taught me how to reduce my everyday stress levels, navigate trauma, and pursue my goals with more confidence. He gave me the tools to develop a daily practice that works for me, as an individual and in the long term. Rather than preaching dogma or adherence to a strict set of rules, Jeff empowers his students to come home to themselves using the perfect combination of skill, dedication, and humour.

I have worked with Jeff for the past ten years. He has a remarkable and unique ability to create a safe space for people to grow and be the best they can be. He is a connector and a communicator. He inspires learning and makes it fun. Jeff is intuitive, compassionate and wise. He speaks from years of experience integrating Western medical training with Eastern philosophy. If you are in the midst of change, commit to a new perspective and practice and you'll find support on your journey, there is no better guide.

The Buddhist saying goes " When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Jeff is my teacher and I continue to learn from him daily. As a business owner and mother of 3, life never seems to give me enough problems. However, Jeff has shown me the key to resolving my daily stress and anxiety. I am now stronger and more confident that I can handle anything life throws my way. With a caring heart, positive attitude and steady mind, Jeff is truly one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Jeff’s ability to create beneficial and truly sustainable practices for his clients and students is a real gift. I’m a busy professional and he has shown me how to decrease and manage stress, work with my strengths and weaknesses, and cruise through some big life changes with ease. Informed by his practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation his teaching has inspired me to continue to show up every day in a new way. This program is exceptional.

Jeff Lichty is a gem, a one of a kind teacher (and practicioner) of yoga, and a wise, inspiring presence in the lives of all those fortunate enough to be acquainted with him. I can think of no one better equipped to guide and support his students/clients on their paths to fulfillment and success. Twelve years ago, in the wake of my first hip replacement, I began practicing yoga with Jeff, and the resulting improvements to my daily life are legion: I have more energy, I deploy the energy I have more effectively, I’m more flexible in mind and body, and et cetera et cetera. I could go on (and on), but will close with a simple, Jeff Lichty has my very highest recommendation.

In the nearly 20 years that I’ve known Jeff, I’ve witnessed and experienced him giving, with no expectation of receiving. His example, his energy, his wisdom inspire students to commit—not to him, but to themselves. He has taught me that my “work” is a practice that only I can truly know. It varies from day to day,  it differs from that of my neighbour; it involves doing and not doing, searching and not searching, accepting and not accepting; it is simple and complex. Jeff’s messaging never waivers: show up, trust yourself, and do your practice, your work. 

Carla Ogrzlo

Consultant | Super Mom

Carla Ogrzlo

Consultant | Super Mom

Jeff Lichty

Former Medic, PTSD Survivor, Yogi

You're not alone!

I help powerful people navigate change.

Together we'll translate theory into practice. 

Anxious? Panicked? Entangled in an unwanted layoff or divorce? Or, perhaps you're concerned about your physical or emotional stability and decision making?

Like the Phoenix, let's step out of the ashes into a confident & skillful life!

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Anxious to Awesome written by Jeff Lichty

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